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Stella James Designs

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Stella James Designs

Welcome to Stella James Designs

Jewelry with a purpose… Using one-of-a-kind agate stones, these custom designs are carefully crafted to create a perfect versatile piece for any occasion. Stella James Designs has a fantastic selection of fashionable and trendy boho style jewelry, including bohemian bracelets, boho necklaces, beach anklets, boho rings and bohemian foot jewelry for all of our free spirited women. Our bohemian chic jewelry collection can turn an ordinary outfit into something truly extraordinary.

Stella Rowley our designer, has always had a passion for jewelry & fashion. She started as a single mother of two with a dream in her own garage. She then took a risk, to follow her dream, letting her fearless spirit lead the way and never giving up!

Stella has created not just ordinary jewelry but an entire jewelry line designed to inspire women.

Driven by her own trials and tribulations, Stella has always been drawn to gemstones especially the Agate stone, it is said that Agate is a stone of strength & courage, overcoming obstacles & bringing harmony & balance.

Inspired by her two children Stella James Designs was born!


Hand Crafted With Love

Stella James

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